5 Really Annoying Things Drivers Do That Needs to Stop

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Nobody means to be a bad or annoying driver, but sometimes life happens. You get distracted, you don’t notice the car behind you, you think you have enough time to cross the intersection before the light turns red. We can’t all be perfect 100% of the time, but these five really annoying things that drivers all do are some of the worst:

Using Your Hazard Lights to Stop Just About Anywhere

Toronto Mayor John Tory may have something to say about flicking on your hazard lights and leaving your car double parked on a busy street so you can run in and grab your dry cleaning. We understand that you’ll only be a minute, but in the minute it takes you to run out, do your business, and come back, you’ve managed to completely slow down the flow of traffic that might take longer than you think to resolve.

Driving With Snow or Mud on Your Car

Everyone has to deal with snow on their cars. A few flakes here and there aren’t going to cause the driver behind you any grief. But if you’ve just dug your car out of a snow bank and decide to drive off with a five-inch layer of snow on your roof, you’re putting the cars around you in a lot of danger. The minute your car picks up speed, all that snow is going to fly right into the windshield of a very surprised driver. Before driving off with a load of snow on your car, remember to sweep it off completely.

If you decided to go off-roading and you return to the city with a thick layer of mud all over your car, that can also reduce the visibility of cars around you. We suggest you get your car washed as soon as possible.

Pushing Your Way Through Pedestrians

Pedestrians put a lot of faith in drivers to give them enough space to cross a busy street. While you’re safely surrounded by metal, people crossing the street have nothing to protect them. Even if you’re in a hurry or rush hour traffic is driving you crazy, there should be no reason the front of your car is encroaching on the crosswalk. Every inch you crawl forward, you’re likely to get a few menacing glares, which is a definite sign you’re way too close.

Using Your Horn Excessively

The fact that the driver in front of you hasn’t pressed on the gas the very second the light turns green is not really an occasion to beep your horn. And yet, the city is filled with the noise of drivers who use their car horns to alert other drivers of everything they don’t like. The main reason for excessive horn use is likely your own impatience, not the other driver’s actions.

Weaving In and Out of Cars Like a Racecar Driver

Not only is this annoying, it’s also extremely dangerous and illegal. However, the DVP and Gardiner Expressway are full of drivers who zip from lane to lane in an effort to get ahead or just for the thrill of it. Speeding and reckless driving are never good. If you find yourself constantly maneuvering around cars like this to get somewhere on time, consider leaving earlier.

You know what else is annoying? Seeing a beautiful car that doesn’t sparkle like it should! Come into Mister Wash for a thorough detailing that will make your car feel and look as good as new.

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