5 Surprising Things You Should Always Keep in the Car

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If every car ride in the history of automobile travel ran as smoothly as they were meant to, we would have no need for tow trucks, roadside assistance, emergency services, or insurance. Unfortunately, mishaps, accidents, and wrong turns happen from time to time, which is why it’s important to be vigilant and prepared for those unexpected moments. Keeping a car first-aid kit, flashlight, spare tire, and flare makes perfect sense and is something that many drivers do if not think about doing. But did you know that there are some not-so obvious things you should keep in your car for unexpected situations? Here are five of them.

#1: Pen or Pencil

We’re going to warn you now: many of the items on this list can be replaced by your smart phone. But this is for those moments when life doesn’t always go as planned, which often includes a cell phone that has inexplicably and annoyingly died, frozen, overheated, or temporarily disappeared. Relying so heavily on something that needs to be recharged isn’t the smartest idea anyway, especially if you’re travelling long distances or over rough terrain. Enter man’s mightiest weapon. It is actually much faster to jot something down with a nearby golf pencil on the back of a receipt than it is to open your phone, find the right app and start punching in what you need to write. In extreme situations, pens can also be used as ice picks.

#2: Map

Having Google Maps at our disposal really makes us wonder how anyone ever found anything before the advent of satellite technology. But since maps have been around for centuries longer than Siri, there’s no doubting that they are obviously convenient to have aroundwhen you don’t know where to go and that phone of yours is dead or not giving you the right directions (it happens). Pick up a few maps and shove them in the car where they will be probably forgotten until they are needed.

#3: Portable Shovel

Since we live in the snow capital of the world, the idea of bringing a shovel in the car isn’t so surprising. You’re not truly a Canadian until you’ve dug your car out of a parking spot a few times. When spring and summer come, however, don’t take the shovel out of the car. There are so many other uses for a shovel than removing snow, and when your car gets stuck in the messiest mud pile, you’ll be glad you have something with which to shovel gravel, rocks, or sand.

#4: Baby Wipes

Sometimes what happens in the car is just as unpredictable as the weather. There’s no stopping the random coffee spill, sticky steering wheel, upturned take-out bag, or your poor child’s vomit. Baby wipes won’t necessarily save your life or get you out of a serious jam, but they make your drive a whole lot more enjoyable. Once you bring your first pack in the car with you, you’ll wonder how you ever drove anywhere without them.

#5: Non-Perishable Food

It doesn’t matter when you last ate. Hunger is the worst. And for long-distance car rides, stopping isn’t always an option. Being stranded in a blizzard on an empty stomach is also a scenario that many wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. The simple solution is to keep a store of non-perishable and shelf-stable food items in the car, such as granola bars, nuts, seeds, an individually packaged snacks.

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