How to Prevent Your Car from Smelling Like the Dog

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As much as we love our four-legged friends, there’s no doubt about it: they smell. Most of us learn to love their normal aroma, but there are certain circumstances—like when they’ve recently come in from the rain, found a dead animal to rub against, or frolicked in somebody’s trash—where even we’re grossed out by them. Don’t let your car be a victim of dog smells. Here are some tips for preventing your dog from leaving their scent in the car.

Towels, Blankets, and More Towels

It’s no secret that absorbent, fibrous material collects and traps odours and doesn’t easily let them go. That’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that if your car has cloth seats, nothing short of a thorough shampoo will eliminate the odour of dog smell from the car. The good news is that towels, blankets, and other similar materials are just as absorbent, which means that you can mitigate a lot of the overpowering scent simply by laying something down on top of the seat before your pooch steps in. Laying a blanket or towel down also helps keep your seat free from dirt and scratches.

Keep Your Dogs in Once Place

Depending on your dog’s comfort level in the car, they may be curious wanderers—dangerously jumping from seat to seat—or nervous wrecks that simply lie in a ball next to you and wait for the ride to be over. If your dog sounds like the first example, it’s important to keep them in one place. For one, in case of an accident, having your dog strapped in or behind a cage may save their life. And another thing, the less access your dog has, the easier it is to clean up after him or her.

Give Your Dog the Greatest Gift of All: A Raincoat

Okay, maybe a raincoat isn’t the greatest gift a dog will ever get, but for pooches who hate getting wet (and yes, many find the rain absolutely miserable), it will be a dream come true. A doggy rain coat is a win-win situation. Your dog stays warm and dry and your car stays dry. Be sure to remove the raincoat before he or she finds their seat and shake out the water like you would an umbrella.

Crack Open a Window

There’s a chance that you have to roll down your window anyway, since breathless dogs always seem to fog up our windows. With the added moisture from their soggy fur, opening your window will help the condensation (and the smell) escape. If you have the added benefit of parking in an underground or indoor garage, consider leaving your windows cracked open overnight.

Hide a Deodorizer in the Car

Deodorizers come in all shapes and sizes, from pucks to mirror ornaments to sprays to sheets. Deodorizers absorb nasty chemicals that make things smell while neutralizing the air around us. Most deodorizers also come with an artificial scent, but you can also find something unscented.

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