Tips for Eco-Friendly Driving

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With global warming on the rise, reducing your ecological footprint is a big concern. If you own or drive a car, there are many ways to reduce your environmental impact. At Mister Wash, we do our part by using only eco-friendly car detailing methods. From our detailing wizards in Toronto, here are a few tips for eco-friendly driving:

Ensure Regular Maintenance

There’s no reason your 15 or 20-year-old car should be taken off the road and thrown in the dump. With regular maintenance, and professional detailing, you can make your car last for years, reducing the amount of junk accumulating in landfills. If you hear a strange sound, spot signs of a leaking engine, or notice deterioration inside or outside of your car, take it to a mechanic immediately.

Keep Tires Inflated

By ensuring your tires are properly inflated, you can improve your gas mileage by more than 3%. Tires with low air pressure are also at a higher risk of exploding, and causing dangerous and harmful accidents on the road. Your tires’ recommended air pressure can generally be found in the owner’s manual, on a sticker on the driver’s door, or on the tires themselves (take note, the PSI on the side of the tire is usually the maximum pressure, not the recommended pressure.)

Remove Extras from Car

To reduce weight, improve fuel consumption, and reduce emissions, consider removing all extra items from your car. If you drive a car fit for five passengers, but consistently drive alone, try removing the extra seats. Any items that increase wind resistance, like roof racks or storage units, should also be removed.

Don’t Idle

An idling vehicle emits significantly more harmful pollutants than one in motion. Turning off your car at intersections with long lights, during traffic jams, or while waiting for passengers is the easiest way to reduce ecological footprint.

Roll the Windows Down

Air conditioning and other electronics can use up to 10% of the fuel in your tank. If it’s a hot day out, consider rolling down the windows instead. You’ll be surprised at how great the fresh air feels on your face!

Avoid Speeding

The easiest way to reduce your ecological footprint? Slow down. Speeding, sharp turns, and abrupt halting and starting can all contribute to the premature deterioration of your car, and decrease fuel efficiency.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly car detailing company, Mister Wash has got your back. We make your busy life a little lighter by taking responsibility for your car care, using only eco-friendly products and methods. Our specially designed units can meet you anywhere you wish, giving your vehicle the care it deserves. For more information about our car detailing services, contact us today!

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