Top 6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Car

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You use your car every day, but are you giving it the care it deserves? A change in season can dramatically impact your car and failing to take necessary measures can lead to serious engine damage as well as reduced fuel economy.

From the experts at Mister Wash, here are the top six spring maintenance tips you should follow to keep your car in excellent shape:

Change Your Oil and Filter

After a long winter, change your oil and replace your oil filter to keep your car running smoothly throughout the spring. Neglecting to change these two components can result in reduced fuel economy, poor engine performance, and even engine damage! This will force you to spend money on hefty reparation costs that could easily have been avoided or lead you to purchasing a new car altogether. So, when the time comes to tend to your oil and filter, make sure to check your owner’s manual on how to best conduct an oil change for your car’s make and model.

Check Fluids

Check your car’s fluids to avoid expensive repairs. Fluids to check include power steering as well as brake and coolant systems. Mister Wash recommends checking your car’s fluids with every oil change, which is typically every three months or 3,000 km.  By staying on top of your fluids, you can keep your car running in excellent shape in between major tune-ups.

Remember to turn off your engine and wait until it has cooled before you check your engine fluids. If you check them while your car is hot, the engine fluids will cause burns at high temperatures!

Replace Damaged Wiper Blades

Make sure your front and back windshield wiper blades are in good shape to provide you with clear vision during spring showers. When the season has changed, inspect your wipers for any tears or cracks that may have developed over the icy Canadian winter. If your wiper blades make excessive squeaking noises the next time you turn them on, chances are they need to be changed.

Get Your Battery Tested

Checking your battery is extremely important in the spring because a harsh winter can lead to premature deterioration. As you evaluate its condition, make sure that the battery is safely mounted with tight and corrosion-free connections. Consider getting your battery replaced if your car is older than five years.

Check Tires

Changing your winter tires is important, as winter tires in non-winter conditions can reduce traction. If you have all-year tires, check your tire pressure to ensure they are operating at a safe level. During the transition between seasons, changes in temperature can affect tire pressure.  Don’t forget to rotate your tires every 10,000 km for optimal fuel economy.


Take care of your car by giving it the TLC it needs. After a harsh Scarborough winter, exterior detailing will safely remove any residue left over from salt, slush, snow, and ice. But let’s face it, washing your car is not one of your favourite tasks, so you keep putting off to another day. Rely on the experts at Mister Wash to provide you with a convenient and effective service that will extend your car’s lifetime.

By following these simple tips to stay on top of your car’s maintenance, you’ll avoid costly repairs and unexpected interruptions in your busy day-to-day life. Contact us to find out about our various interior and exterior detailing packages. You can save $5 by booking your appointment online today!

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